Sports and athletics have always been a huge part of my life.  When I decided to end my softball career at the collegiate level, I felt lost, confused and alone. I needed and wanted something that would push me physically, give me an “out” and help me feel good about myself-like sports had always done for me. I decided to take up running and also attended my first group fitness class. I fell in love with both and my passion grew from there! 

Before my career as a fitness instructor began, I attend fitness classes at the local gym. I loved the energy the class environment created, but hated feeling like I needed to go run or do another workout after class. I needed a one hour, full-body workout that would kick my butt and leave me dead at the end! I wanted an intense workout that would leave even the most in shape person out of breath, but also provided options for people who wanted to build up to that level. At this same time I discovered HIIT training and the amazing benefits of this fitness concept. As I started teaching my own classes, I decided to incorporate HIIT and weight training into one to give that burnout I craved. Agility, speed work, plyometrics and endurance were added creating the Train Insane Workout! 

Class environments can be intimidating, I get it. I wanted to create my own environment outside of the basic gym that was welcoming, encouraging and high energy. We cheer one another on, encourage and work as a TEAM to get to our highest physical fitness level! At the end of the session you will make new friends and feel part of a community that has your back!

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